Kentucky’s Favorite Cities To Visit

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Kentucky is known for its bourbon, its horses, and soon Kentucky sports betting, making it a unique place for outsiders to come visit with its niche tourism industry centered around those things. 

The Kentucky Derby in particular is a popular activity and the state sees an influx of guests coming in from out of state. However, it isn’t simply one-way traffic, as locals like to get out and enjoy other areas in the country when they need a break from the whisky and horse-racing-crazed state.

Top 3 Cities To Visit for Kentucky Residents

BetKentucky decided to see which other cities are most popular for locals to travel to, and we did so by utilizing Google Trends to determine the most search cities by Kentucky residents by using the term ‘Flights To’ and finding the most searched city at the end of the phrase. Over the past 12 months, the top three cities searched are Orlando FL, Las Vegas NV and Miami FL.

1 ✈ Orlando
2 ✈ Las Vegas
3 ✈ Miami

Kentucky Loves Traveling to Florida

Escaping the heat clearly isn’t a priority in the state as all top three searches are warm-weather locations. What is clear is Kentuckians like to experience things that aren’t readily available in the state when they travel, in particular seeing the ocean and beaches in Florida and checking out the shows and nightlife in Vegas.

The most common airport to fly out of is located in Cincinnati at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International airport. Those searching for flights to Orlando, the most searched city, are met with great news as the typical flight comes in under $100 (before fees and baggage) and only takes a couple of hours. With the great rates and quick trip, Orlando can be enjoyed as a quick weekend trip or a more long-term vacation.

Miami checked in at third on the list and is only a half hour longer than the flight to Orlando and only marginally more expensive. Getting to see the beaches and ocean in Miami is a quick, easy and affordable trip for Kentuckians. Sports fans could also watch the Dolphins, Marlins, Heat or Panthers if they are looking for their sports fix.

In between the two Florida destinations is the always popular Las Vegas. Vegas needs no introduction as it is famous for its casino scene and nightly entertainment options. Vegas shows up on the ‘most searched’ list for most states and to no surprise Kentucky is no exception. Seeing the Raiders or Golden Knights is also appealing as Kentucky lacks pro sports teams, focusing more on university athletics and of course, horses.

Summer is in full swing and there will be people in and out of the state of Kentucky all summer long. For residents of the state, it is more than likely that they head to Florida or Vegas among all the other great options in the country.

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