Interesting Facts, Research and Trending Topics About the State of Kentucky

What's happening in Kentucky? Glad you asked. We're researching Kentucky's past, present, and future to tell you more about trending topics that are driving the conversation in The Bluegrass State.  

Movies, TV and Entertainment in Kentucky

Kentucky is the birthplace of some of Hollywood's top talent as well as the backdrop for some of the top moves and TV shows in the country. Ever wondered who the most popular celebrities from the Bluegrass state were? What are the chances someone born in Kentucky would land a Oscars nominee one day? What movies were filmed in the state? Our team of entertainment reporters and fact checkers investigate all that and more.

Celebrities in Kentucky

When it comes to celebrities born in a particular state, Kentucky can go toe-to-toe with just about any other state when it comes to star-power. Johnny Depp and George Clooney are just a glimpse of the star-studded list for most famous celebrities from Kentucky. Whether it is actors or rappers or reality stars, Kentucky has a long list of well-known celebrities to claim as their own.

It should be no surprise, now, to know Kentucky cracks the top five for states most likely to produce a nominee for best actor at the Oscars. utilized to gather all actors that were nominated for the award “Best Actor” at the Oscars since 2000 then found the percentage and odds of each state that is likely to produce a nomination.

Movies in Kentucky

Sure, plenty of movies are filmed in a warehouse off Hollywood Boulevard but some directors are looking for an authentic bluegrass backdrop so they held East to find the real thing. What famous movies were filmed in Kentucky? Hint: There are more than horse movies on the list.

Food, Drinks and Travel in Kentucky

Kentucky might be known for bourbon and bluegrass but don't underestimate the cuisine Kentucky has to offer as a whole. Our team of experts explore the top places to eat as well as poll residents to find out the state's preference when it comes to favorite food and drinks. We also track top travel destinations around the state.

Restaurants in Kentucky

We all know Kentucky is home to some of the best food in the world but some cuisines, like barbeque, stick out more than others. Have you ever wondered what the most popular BBQ places are in Kentucky? Well, you don't have to wonder anymore; our team of culinary experts ranked the most searched BBQ restaurants in Kentucky.

Favorite Foods in Kentucky

A cookout in the summer is a must when your visit but what should you expect when it comes to grilling out in Kentucky? Hamburgers? Hotdogs? Barbeque? We break down the top food of choice for cookouts throughout the state.

Favorite Drinks in Kentucky

This will not be a surprise to anyone who knows anything about whiskey; when ranking the top states that love bourbon, Kentucky held true to its stereotypes and landed the number one spot on the list. But who came in second and third when it comes to their love for bourbon?

Relationships and Pets in Kentucky

Kentucky might not be for lovers like Virginia but the state certainly offers its fair share of notable statics when it comes to marriage. And Kentuckians love for animals seemingly exceeds that the love of humans, at least if you consider the divorce rate compared to resident with animals.

Pets in Kentucky

Do you love you pet? You are not alone. Kentucky cracks the top ten for most pet loving states. Despite a smaller population than most states, Kentucky's pet ownership per capita places it just inside the top ten compared to other states.

Divorces in Kentucky

You might love you pet but your spouse, that's another story. Divorces in Kentucky push the state into the top ten nationally. What other states join Kentucky with the most divorces? Out team used data from the National Center for Health Statistics to determine the states with the highest and lowest divorce rates.

Trending Topics in Kentucky

The iconic Kentucky Derby, often referred to as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports," is continually evolving with new trainers, jockeys, and thoroughbreds making headlines, as the state celebrates its long-standing love for horse racing. But did you know that Kentucky ranks top 5 among states with the most March Madness appearances? Or that interest in March Madness among residents of the Bluegrass State is consistently in the top 5? Basketball fervor is at an all-time high, reflecting Kentucky's deep-rooted dedication to the sport of basketball.

March Madness in Kentucky

Kentucky ranks fifth nationally in search traffic for terms related to March Madness, despite the University of Kentucky (UK) Wildcats and the Louisville Cardinals having a disappointing season. So, who is ranking above KY? What might be driving interest in March Madness? We have the answers.

Despite its storied basketball history, Kentucky relies heavily on a few schools for most of its success. We conducted a study to examine which states had the most March Madness appearances, considering the number of appearances by a state divided by the number of eligible schools... Where does Kentucky stack up?

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