Best Kentucky Sports Betting Apps - A Guide to Legal KY Sportsbook Apps

By Adam Warner
Fact Checked by Joss Wood

You are getting ready to watch a big game and you want to put some money on the line to back your team. So how can you accomplish that? Legal sports betting apps, that’s how! They're fun, easy to use and coming to Kentucky soon.

Best Kentucky Mobile Sports Betting Apps Ranked 2023

📲 Caesars Sportsbook AppBest Welcome Bonuses
📲 BetMGM Sportsbook AppBest For New Bettors
📲 DraftKings Sportsbook AppBest App For Betting Odds
📲 FanDuel Sportsbook AppBest Live Betting App

Since the Kentucky sports betting bill was finally passed in March 2023, We’re going to introduce you to what you can expect from Kentucky sports betting apps. We’ll also help walk you through choosing a sports book that’s right for you, signing up for an account, funding it, and hopefully capitalizing on any and all welcome bonuses they throw your way.

DraftKings Sportsbook App: Best for Betting Odds

When the Supreme Court opened up the gates in 2018, DraftKings was first on the block with an online sportsbook. DraftKings has successfully expanded into the sports betting world, and is sure to be one of the top operators in Kentucky.

All sports books basically default to the -110 “juice” on standard bets and DraftKings is no exception. They are not a particular outlier on their odds, but there’s always modest variation from book to book as each tries to manage their unique exposures. As such, you will often find the operator offering the best price in a smattering of games. They also excel with their generous Odds Boosts offerings. Frequently you will see 20% boosts on select games or sports.

FanDuel Sportsbook App: Best for Live Betting

FanDuel has rapidly one of the most popular sports betting apps on the market, and one of the market leaders in the US. You can find the operator in every state with legal sports betting, as well as across the border in Canada, and the app is known for its fabulous live betting capabilities.

The app experience is great as it updates quickly and they have lots of different live betting options. Promotions and the excellent welcome offer for new bettors are the icing on the cake.

BetMGM Sportsbook App: Best For New Bettors

BetMGM, the acclaimed “King of Sportsbooks” offers a huge array of bets on a great website and easy to navigate app. There are attractive promos when you open an account, usually in the form of a free bet up to $1000. And there’s only a 1x rollover on the free bet. You do need to use the Free bet amount within a week.

The operator has tight markets for “deeper” bets like Halves and Quarters as well as for live betting. BetMGM has daily fantasy sports tie-ins, with Yahoo Fantasy. As such, they’ll offer competitive markets on player props. This betting app in Kentucky will have their Money Monday Club promotion that gives you a free $10 bet every Monday, provided you’ve bet at least $50 over the course of the previous week.

Caesars Sportsbook App: Best For Deposit Bonuses

The Caesars brand needs no introduction as they are the largest retail sportsbook in North America and are of course famous for their casinos and resorts worldwide. Despite their lofty status, they are super aggressive with their deposit bonus offers for sports bettors as they seek to remain on top of the business.

New users typically get a welcome bonus that’s a de facto free bet of up $1100 effective on your first bet. If you win, you get to keep the winnings. If you lose, Caesars will credit you with free bets up to the size of your initial wager. It's one of the most generous welcome bonuses in the industry.

Live Betting on KY Sports Betting Apps

If you like live betting you will love the upcoming Kentucky sports betting apps. It's a huge focus of the legalized sports betting industry. Betting lines update constantly, and you can access them all and place wagers instantly via the apps. What’s more, most sports gambling apps now Live Stream the most popular games, providing an even more seamless experience.

Horse Racing App in Kentucky

Kentucky residents live in the cradle of the thoroughbred breeding industry, Churchill Downs of course has the Kentucky Derby. All told there are five horse racing tracks, including Keeneland Racecourse in Lexington and Ellis Park in Henderson County.

Online Horse Race betting apps are legal in Kentucky. TVG, AmWager and DraftKings are three of the prominent ones. Sites that offer both sports and horse betting such as FanDuel have a segregated structure but will make it easy to toggle up and back if/when sports betting legislation passes in Kentucky.

Reasons To Use Kentucky online Sportsbooks Apps

While the Kentucky sports betting bill was passed in March 2023, we're still waiting for clarity around when the sports betting apps will launch in the Bluegrass State. Once live, here are some reasons you will want to use Kentucky online sports betting apps.

  • Increased Usability

    Sports betting apps popped up in the US in 2018 and whatever quirks they had at the beginning are long gone by now. Your goal is to access sports markets quickly and seamlessly and get bets on quickly at times. Their goal is to make that experience as easy as possible and as such they all have intuitive interfaces that are easy to navigate.

  • Accessible Sports Wagering

    When you’re wagering on sports, speed is often of the essence. That’s especially true when Live Betting. And now thanks to the sportsbook apps available soon in Kentucky, you will be able to place those wagers  from your couch, a bar or even the sports venue itself.

  • App-Only Betting Bonuses

    Sportsbooks know the convenience of apps makes wagers available at all times. As such, they want to encourage everyone to get used to betting that way, so they offer mobile-only bonuses. The most common bonuses are for parlays, but there are plenty of boosts on single games as well. The more you access the KY betting app from your phone, the more bonuses you’ll get, so take advantage of this when you can.

  • Sports Streaming On The Go

    More and more operators stream sporting events right into their apps to the point where now its a pretty much expected part of the service. You can now watch many events and live bet them simultaneously without ever having to switch screens, it's a huge win-win for both the book and the player.

  • Ease of Account Funding

    Funding an account, or withdrawing money from an account, has never been easier. Most books let you deposit right through your mobile wallet so it's as close as your fingertips or your face. It varies from book to book, but any or all of Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay. Google Wallet, Android Pay, Samsung Pay are now accepted. In addition, you can typically use sites like Neteller and Skrill and a host of others. Mastercard and Visa are accepted universally.

Kentucky Best Mobile Betting Outlook

Here are the App Store and Google Play user ratings of some of the potential sports betting apps in Kentucky:

BetMGM Sportsbook App⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 2.5
Caesars Sportsbook App⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.6
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.2
DraftKings Sportsbook App⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.6
FanDuel Sportsbook App⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.7
PointsBet Sportsbook App⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.7
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.6
BetRivers Sportsbook App⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.5
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 3.5
Unibet Sportsbook App⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 2.9
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 3.5

What To Look For In Kentucky Legal Sports Betting Apps

When comparing different mobile sportsbook apps, there are key characteristics that are important to keep in mind. These are things that gamblers value for a better gambling experience.

Everyone has different preferences on which of these features they value most. You need to figure out what works for you and what you care about. Are you someone that needs an especially fast app? Maybe you want tons of promotions? These are questions you need to ask yourself.

If you don't know what you value, try a few of the different apps to get an idea of their strengths. Here are some of the most common features that sports bettors love in a good Kentucky mobile sportsbook app.

Mobile Speed

There’s nothing more frustrating than spotting a great Live Bet opportunity and having your sportsbook app freeze. Then, by the time it resets, the moment’s gone, and the odds have changed.

Fortunately, the sports betting apps that are likely to be available in Kentucky all have good records when it comes to app speed. Unfortunately, quirky stoppages do happen and if you see it too often, you may want to consider switching to another sports betting operator. Having accounts at several sportsbooks lets you compare odds and cover any periods when one sportsbook is slowing you up.

Lucrative Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses, usually in the form of Free Bets, are basically extra funds in your bankroll. Expect mobile sports betting apps in Kentucky to toss out bonuses for everyone that opens and funds an account. A Risk-Free bet doesn’t have the full value of the headline amount, but you can capture about 60% of it. And now with rollovers down to 1x, you don’t really have to worry about churning it all away before you truly pocket the money.

Look for the best bonuses and take advantage of as many as you can. Also, be cognizant of the terms of the Welcome Bonus, as there may be a limited time window or other specific details to follow. Kentucky sports betting apps will also offer Referral Bonuses. Not only do all mobile sports betting shops want your business, they also want business from your friends. If you refer a friend and your friend opens and funds an account, many sportsbooks will give you bonuses.

Wide Sports Selection

If you want to just bet NFL point spreads and totals with competitive markets you will be able to find that at literally all of the Kentucky sports betting sites. But for those who want more props or are interested in wagering sports that are off the grid a bit, it's important to make sure your sports betting site covers those markets.

Most of the Kentucky sportsbook apps have easy-to-navigate search features that will direct you to the professional sports teams or sports you’re looking for. If you're looking for niche sports markets to bet on, be sure to take into account which leagues each app allows you to wager on.

Competitive Betting Odds

“Juice” or “vig” is the amount of money that sportsbook operators keep a hold of on their bets. Its effectively their profit margin. The industry may differentiate a bit on service and offerings, but they don’t tend to deviate much on  the juice. They all now typically default to -110 on both sides of standard bets on virtually every market in every major sport. That means that you need to risk $110 to win $100. 

Its important to note that all the mobile Kentucky sports books won’t fall exactly in line on every market, so always hunt for the best price you can get. Further, the juice can vary more on moneylines and props, so keep a watch there.

Incredible Betting App Interface

This is often best measured in the eyes of the user. But it is very important. When downloading a new sports betting app, try to really make sure you’re comfortable with the interface on whichever mobile sports betting sites you choose.

This mentality is especially true if you plan to Live Bet. Markets move very quickly so it's crucial to navigate the sports betting site comfortably. Speed obviously comes into play as well. If the site is too slow,  take your business elsewhere

Flexible Payment Options

Kentucky sports betting apps are going to want your business and thus will make it very easy to open and fund an account. They typically accept most or all of credit cards, debit cards, checks, bank transfers, pre-paid cards, Paypal, Venmo and e-Wallet deposits.

Your credit card company itself may not play along, but as legal sports betting expands, that barrier will lessen as well. Additionally withdrawing funds has never been easier as most deposit methods work for withdrawals, although there may be a time lag depending on the site and specific method of withdrawal.

Sportsbook Apps Security and Support

The first rule on generating a good return on capital is to make sure you can get a return of capital. That’s a fancy way of saying that you want to be very sure you can get your money out when you want it. Additionally, Kentucky residents will need to pass private information over to the sites upon sign up so its vital to keep all that safe and secure.

Although hacks can happen anywhere online, you can feel pretty confident that the online Kentucky betting apps will use the most up to date SSL Encryption technology as they do across the country already. What’s more, most legal sports books offer Two-Factor Authentication, which is a good tool to take advantage of it you have any concerns.

KY Mobile Betting Apps Compared To Online Sportsbooks

It's always fun to go to a physical sportsbook. You can head on over to the betting window, get your wager in, and then start rooting your side to victory. But that’s not always possible or practical. 

Thankfully, most legal sports betting operators offer both apps and websites right at everyone’s fingertips. Desktop interface always provides a fuller experience, as it's just easier to navigate on the big screen. But the mobile sports betting apps more than make up for the deficit with their portability. 

Using A Kentucky Sportsbook App

The online betting apps in KY will all offer both desktop and mobile versions of their services. While you get bigger screens and a little more of everything on your laptops, the mobile versions more than make up for it with their portability. And they are available everywhere and usable so long as you are physically in Kentucky. You can even access mobile sites from out of state-provided that the state in question has legalized sports betting and the site in question operates in that state.

Betting With iOS Mobile Devices

You will love the ease of placing a wager on your iOS mobile device. The typical mobile sports betting app has all the major current events on the first screen you see upon login. You can likely just either click on the game in question or the side you are interested in and the app will take you right to a bet slip. You would then enter an amount and hit “send” and you have placed the bet.

Betting With Android Sports Betting Apps

Don't worry, Android users, sports betting operators are keeping you in mind when it comes to mobile apps. Android apps work much like Apple, except of course you have to download them from the Google Play. 

How to Download a Kentucky Sports Betting App

Its very easy to access the sports gambling world from your devices

  • 📱:  Head over to the App Store or Google Play and search for the mobile betting apps that fit your needs
  • 📱:  They typically need about 50mb of space, but check that you have the room, and if yes, start downloading
  • 📱:  Click to open and you’re all set to begin the sign-up process

How to Sign Up and Place a Sports Bet in Kentucky

Once you download the sports betting app, you’re just about ready to place bets.

  1. ✅:  Sign up with the sports betting site. Its usually a 5-10 minutes process that involves giving the site your name, mobile number, email, some identifying info and choosing passwords
  2. ✅:  Fund your account. There are multiple options
  3. ✅:  Activate any and all welcome bonuses. Its money in your pocket, don’t miss it!
  4. ✅:  Scan the odds, and if you are ready and see something you like, place a bet

Prepare to Bet on Legal Kentucky Betting Apps

Mobile Kentucky sports betting apps are very likely coming to the Bluegrass State in the near future. Stay in the know and learn as much as you can now so you will be ready for the top operators.

Kentucky Betting Apps FAQs


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