Odds of Losing Your Job To AI In Kentucky

This year, we've witnessed a substantial development in AI and how it might be used for everyday tasks, as 2023 shows a significant transformation in how we see the technology. According to Business Insider, AI ‘prompt engineer’ jobs pay particularly well (up to $375,000 a year), and this is without even needing a background in tech to begin with! This proves that there are some seriously high-paying roles in AI, which is starting to change perceptions of where our own jobs lie, and the need for different roles in the future.

With this prominent rise in AI comes the question of where American citizens’ jobs lie moving forward. That’s why we at BetKentucky.com took a brief break from traditional Kentucky sports betting and looked further into this popular technology, and the likelihood of it replacing our jobs here in Kentucky.

By looking at the top 100 most common jobs in Kentucky based on the number of employees, we can tell you the odds of losing your job to AI over the next two decades, as well as the most popular jobs in the Bluegrass State and how this could change. Read on to see whether your job is more likely to be affected by AI or not…

The Occupations Most At Risk

Odds are, the most popular job in Kentucky (1st) will be replaced by AI in the future, with the data proving a 100% chance over the next two decades. The most popular, and seemingly most replaceable job in Kentucky, is that of a laborer and freight, stock, and material mover. With as many as 61,840 people working in this profession, this is a shocking statistic to take in. Not to mention, this is based on the number of people in Kentucky already working in this field, which is the highest of any other job surveyed.

After this, the seventh-most popular job was a fast-food cook, which has the second-highest number of employees, 38,740. It’s this job with 98% (or -4,900) odds of AI taking these jobs in the next 20 years.

The Jobs Least At Risk in the Bluegrass State

Our odds reveal that nurse practitioners and firefighters are the people least at risk of losing their jobs to AI in Kentucky, with just a 1% (or +9,900) chance of this happening. Although in terms of where people living here rank for this role, it seems a career change might not be welcomed by residents. The role of a nurse practitioner ranks as the 92nd most popular job here, and firefighter jobs are even lower down the popularity list, in 94th place.

Nurse Practitioner One Of The Safest Bets

What’s interesting to see is how high the salary is for a nurse practitioner in this state, considering AI is something people are likely viewing as a cost-saving service, yet job interest will now pique for this stable, reliable job role in such an uncertain market.

Nurse practitioners earn as much as $100,260, which is one of the highest salaries of all of the top 100 jobs in Kentucky! It’s good to see that highly skilled, human-centered jobs like these are paid well, and have less odds of being replaced by AI.

The Most Popular Jobs in America

These are the most popular jobs across the whole of America, including Kentucky:

  • Cashiers = 88% chance (or -733) - Despite being the most popular, there’s an imminent risk to this job (81-100%). This is because, with the rise in automated checkouts, comes the challenge of jobs in this sector. Although, it can be said that for a smooth process when scanning your groceries, there needs to be workers available to solve any misscanned barcodes, or ID card checks when buying alcohol, etc. So, should AI really be so relied on?
  • Customer service representatives = 82% chance (or -456) – It seems there’s an imminent risk of this sector being replaced by AI in America, (81-100%), but important qualities, such as social perceptiveness, are difficult to automate, despite people assessing this role as something that needs little human judgment. 
  • Fast food and counter workers = 99% chance (or -9,990) - Despite being one of the top nine jobs for American citizens, there’s an imminent risk to this job. Clever AI systems could easily replace the need for human interaction, but this also poses problems in terms of social perceptiveness and good customer service being affected as a result. 
  • General and operations managers = 38% (or +163) – These jobs are low risk, so the chances of being replaced by AI are relatively low (21-40%) because they require a good mix of human and technical skills to deliver results.
  • Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers = 88% chance (or -733) – The odds of this popular job becoming threatened by AI are high, at 81-100%, likely because of the rise in electric, automated vehicles becoming more widespread.
  • Home health and personal care aides = 38% (or +163) – A more low-risk job in terms of AI replacement, since an understanding of and special needs of patients is required to be carried out that AI simply can’t mimic. 
  • Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers = 100% (or -100,000) - These jobs are seen as more repetitive, predictable tasks that don’t require much human judgment, and so this role has 81-100% odds of being at imminent risk.
  • Registered nurses = 10% (or +900) – Minimal risk will come to this band of workers (0-20%) in America because nurses need to possess strong information and personal skills, like caring, that AI simply can’t replicate.
  • Retail salespersons = 66% or (-194) – Despite being one of the most popular, the chances of those with a job in this field face a 61-80%, high-risk chance of AI becoming a threat.

With this newfound knowledge, you’ll have a better understanding of where your job lies in the future, with some reasoning as to why. 


To reveal which jobs are most at risk, we first pulled together a list of Kentucky’s 100 most common jobs using USWage.com. Using this list, we then utilized willrobotstakemyjob.com, to see which of Kentucky’s jobs had the most (and least) risk of being taken over by AI.

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