Where Are America’s Flat Earth Believers?

In a world where (often false) information is spread through social media – whether it’s from family and friends, your favorite influencers, or even an NBA All-Star – it’s no surprise that unconventional ideas and theories can be picked up and believed by people across the world.

One popular theory that’s shockingly managed to gain 4.1 billion views on TikTok is the belief that the earth is actually flat. In fact, a recent study has unveiled which US states find this theory the most interesting, which you can find out more below. 

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Most Curious States About Flat Earth Theory

RankStateFlat Earth SearchesSearches per 10,000

Alaskans Most Curious About Flat Earth Theory

Taking the top spot is Alaska, with a huge 23,040 flat earth-related searches over the last year alone; and 314.33 out of 10,000 Alaskans are guilty of searching for it. Not far behind is Colorado, with 183,000 searches, totaling 311.83 per 10,000 of the population, followed by Wyoming in third place, Washington in fourth, and Hawaii in fifth place.

Least Curious States About Flat Earth Theory

RankStateFlat Earth SearchesSearches per 10,000
50New Jersey165,120178.40

Jersey Residents Not Buying It

At the other end of the spectrum, New Jersey residents suspects the earth is flat the least (although they’ve still made 165,120 searches over the last 12 months, equating to 178.40 per 10,000 people!).

Meanwhile, Mississippi, Kansas, Wisconsin and Virginia round out the bottom five.

For those interested in Kentucky's ranking, the state ranked 37th on our list. Perhaps Bluegrass State residents are more focused on incoming Kentucky sports betting apps than crackpot theories. 

Whilst we can’t make any conclusions as to whether east, west, or central states believe the most, what we can see is that for much of the American population, they’re actively looking into and (perhaps) even considering the flat earth theory.


Google Keyword Tool was utilized to reveal which states are searching for the flat earth conspiracy online, using terms such as ‘flat earth’, ‘flat earthers’, and ‘the earth is flat’ throughout the last 12 months (August 2022-August 2023). This data was then ranked based on population across the US.

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