Which State’s Coffee Is The Most Expensive?

If you’re a coffee lover, then it’s safe to say that the day doesn’t really start until you’ve had that first sip from your morning cup and the same can be said for countless other Americans across the country.

Needless to say, the coffee industry is massive – not just in the  United States but around the globe. Countless people of all nationalities look to this tiny bean for their daily dose of caffeine, and this is only going up. In fact, this $11 billion industry is set to grow at an annual rate of 3.21% by 2028!

So, with that in mind, it must be easy to find a cheap cup of Joe, right? Well, if your Kentucky sports betting wagers are down, there’s a good chance that the state next door might pay less for their cappuccino than you. To find out, we compared the average price of a coffee across the US, to see just which state pays the most for their morning coffee.

Which State Has The Most Expensive Coffee

When looking at the average cost of a coffee across all 50 states, regular Kentucky coffee drinkers will be pleased to know that they’re not paying over the odds for their drinks! As it turns out, Kentucky is one of the cheapest of all US states to buy a cup of coffee, at just $2.25, putting it in the 41st position on our list. In comparison, if you want to pay the most for your coffee, then you need to put your shades on and sail over to Hawaii, where the average cup of coffee costs $3.76. That’s a price increase of 67.1%!

And Hawaiians aren’t the only US citizens perhaps paying too much for a simple cup of Joe. Californians pay on average $3.35 for their coffee, followed closely by the states of Washington and Alaska, which have average coffee prices of $3.09 and $2.91, respectively.

Other notable states for pricey coffee also include the hot drink capital of New York, where residents pay an average price of $2.87 per cup, though Arizonans can expect to pay a whole cent more at $2.88.

And to round out our top 10, we have Massachusetts, Connecticut, Nevada, and New Jersey, where residents pay $2.82, $2.81, $2.78, and $2.77 respectively if they want to start their day off with a caffeine boost.

Which State Sells the Cheapest Coffee

So, if we know where to go for expensive cups of coffee, what about if you want to save as much money as possible when getting your morning off on the right foot? Well, for the cheapest coffee in all of America, look no further than Alabama. Here, residents pay just $1.88, which is exactly half the cost of a coffee in Hawaii!

It’s also fairly cheap to find coffee in next-door Mississippi as well, with locals needing just $1.99 to grab a cup of Joe on the way to work. But it’s not just the southern states that get to enjoy cheap coffee either.

Heading north, both Arkansas, Iowa, and West Virginia offer some of the cheapest coffee prices on our list, averaging out at just $2.00, $2.06, and $2.09 each, making them some of the best spots in the country for those after an inexpensive caffeine fix.

Seattle Is Most Expensive US City for Cappuccinos

While plenty of coffee drinkers appreciate the pure simplicity of a basic morning cup, what about those who enjoy something with a little bit more of a kick? Because for many of us, nothing quite hits the spot after getting up more than a quick cappuccino.

Well, once again, Kentucky residents can rejoice at the fact that they’re roughly paying the average when it comes to the cost of a cappuccino, with the price of this type of beverage in Louisville costing only $4.78.

And this is certainly much cheaper than many other cities on our list. As it turns out, residents in Seattle, Washington, suffer the most when it comes to cappuccino prices, paying a staggering $6.21 per cup despite this drink’s small stature.

Hawaii also ranked highly on our cappuccino price index, with the price of such a drink in Honolulu setting customers back $5.96, and residents of Reno, Tucson, and San Antonio don’t get off much more either, with their cappuccino prices averaging out at $5.66, $5.63, and $5.60 respectively.

Interestingly, despite coming in high on the rankings for the price of a coffee, New York failed to make the top 10 for expensive cappuccino, even though its prices average out at $5.44.


Data was gathered from Menuwithprice.com, by extracting and analyzing menus from over 5,000 US coffee shops across all states. The results are the average cost of coffee (including multiple sizes) but exclude alcoholic coffee beverages. Further data on cappuccino prices were also collected from Numbeo.


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