How Do The Indiana Pacers Fare In October?

How Do The Indiana Pacers Fare In October?
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It’s been a long rebuilding process for the Indiana Pacers, and while it may not be completely over just yet, this season could be the one that starts producing some dividends for a franchise that last reached the playoffs in 2020. Getting to the postseason is the goal for coach Rick Carlisle’s team this season, and it should be a realistic one. A strong start would certainly help, and that’s where Indiana has struggled in recent years.

While the first month of the NBA season is short, it is an important few games to get off to a hot start in October. wanted to help Kentucky sports betting participants so we utilized to find the records of every NBA team in October since the 2017-2018 to find the best to worst teams during the first month of the NBA season. Note that all teams didn’t participate in the same amount of games, so ranking is based on win percentage. No games were played in October during the 2020-21 NBA season.

NBA Team Records in the Month of October Since 2017-18

For the story, we can cover each of the teams’ October games and any storylines as part of the October schedules for each of them.  Below you'll find some information that may help you make decisions on the best Kentucky betting apps.

RankTeamRecordWin Pct.
1 Milwaukee Bucks 22-9.710
T-2 Toronto Raptors 23-10.697
T-2 Utah Jazz 23-10.697
4 Golden State Warriors 22-12.647
5 Portland Trail Blazers 20-11.645
T-6 Boston Celtics 19-11.633
T-6 San Antonio Spurs 19-11.633
8 Denver Nuggets 20-12.625
9 Minnesota Timberwolves 18-13.581
10 Philadelphia 76ers 19-14.576
11 Memphis Grizzlies 17-13.567
12 Charlotte Hornets 18-16.529
T-13 Los Angeles Clippers 16-15.516
T-13 Miami Heat 16-15.516
15 Phoenix Suns 14-16.467
T-16 Cleveland Cavaliers 14-17.452
T-16 New York Knicks 14-17.452
18 Los Angeles Lakers 14-18.438
19 Washington Wizards 13-17.433
T-20 Detroit Pistons 14-20.412
T-20 Indiana Pacers 14-20.412
T-22 Dallas Mavericks 13-19.406
T-22 New Orleans Pelicans 13-19.406
24 Chicago Bulls 12-19.387
25 Brooklyn Nets 13-21.382
26 Atlanta Hawks 12-20.375
27 Oklahoma City Thunder 11-19.367
T-28 Houston Rockets 11-21.344
T-28 Orlando Magic 11-21.344
T-28 Sacramento Kings 11-21.344

Pacers Are Not Their Best in October

Indiana being in the bottom third shouldn’t be a surprise given their recent struggles. It has only three playoff appearances since the 2017-18 season.

The Pacers 2023-24 season tips off on Oct. 25 with a home game against the Washington Wizards, a team projected to be one of the worst in the NBA this season. They then travel to Cleveland for an Oct. 28 game against the Cavaliers, a team that aspires for an Eastern Conference title this season. The October slate ends with an Oct. 30 home game against the Chicago Bulls.

At +128, FanDuel sportsbook Kentucky gives the Pacers the eighth-best odds of making the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. The Flutter Entertainment sportsbook also has set Indiana’s season win total at 38.5.



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