Kentucky Sports Betting 101: What To Know About Online Wagering

Kentucky Sports Betting 101: What To Know About Online Wagering
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Across the state today, thousands will be taking to their mobile devices and participating in Kentucky sports betting apps – the first day for online wagering across the Bluegrass State. For most, it’ll mark the first time they can do so without leaving the comfort of their home.

Regulated sports betting won’t be new for some Kentuckians but will be for many more across the state. While there’s useful information for all bettors, this article is really for the latter group, especially for those whose exposure to betting has been limited to participating in a Super Bowl squares jackpot or an NCAA Tournament office pool. has compiled some of the more common questions and listed answers below. We’ll continue to post informational Kentucky sports betting Q&As in the weeks ahead. If you have a question on something not addressed here, email me at [email protected], and I’ll be happy to answer it if I can. You can also find me on X at @BittGDGC.

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What Sports Are Available For Wagering?

Major professional sports will be available, including MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL and NHL games. NCAA college football and basketball (both men’s and women’s) will be available. Other major professional entities, including PGA Tour golf, NASCAR auto racing, boxing and mixed martial arts, will have their sanctioned events available.

The entire catalog is available on the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission’s website. That catalog also includes professional cornhole, darts, eSports, snooker and table tennis. The Kentucky Sports Wagering Advisory Council will periodically consider adding events and leagues for approved wagering markets. Also, not all licensed sportsbooks will offer every authorized sport or every contest.

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What Can I Bet On Online?

There are several different options available. If you’re looking to bet on a team or individual to win their game or match, you want to bet the moneyline. The moneyline is a straight-up bet, meaning it doesn’t matter how many points a team wins by. They just need to win.

Probably the best-known wagering is the point spread. It’s typically discussed during game previews and is another way of showing which team is favored to win. You can pick the favorite that is spotting points or the underdog receiving points, and the odds are typically identical or close to it. The bet wins if your selection covers (i.e., a six-point favorite wins by seven or more, or a four-point underdog wins outright or loses by three points or less). Many point spreads include half-points to avoid ties, but the bettor’s wager is returned when the spread ties the game.

There are also totals, which are also known as over/under bets. The most popular is the over/under on total points scored in the game. However, sportsbooks also offer proposition bets tied to a player’s performance in the contest. Sportsbooks may also offer a variety of player-specific markets, depending on the sport or the game. This type of wager would pay out if the performer meets or exceeds the established benchmark (i.e., runs for 100 yards, hits a home run, makes three 3-point baskets, etc.).

Futures bets are also available. These are wagers on a team or player or winning a championship or award. If you want to bet on the Kentucky Wildcats winning the 2024 NCAA Championship, then the futures page is where you want to go.  Bettors may also play parlays, one wager involving two or more separate bets. Parlays are more lucrative as the odds of each event are multiplied by each other. However, it requires the bettor to win each leg of the parlay. Otherwise, they lose the bet.

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Can I Bet On Horse Racing?

In short, no. The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission approved rules that barred online sportsbooks from offering odds on races, which are available through

advance-deposit wagering platforms like TwinSpires and NYRABet. However, FanDuel sportsbook Kentucky allows its bettors to use the same electronic wallet to wager on its sports betting and FanDuel Racing ADW platforms, and bettors can access one from the other.

How Much Should I Wager?

This is up to the individual bettor, depending on their confidence and, more importantly, their budget. However, there are some best practices newer bettors should follow. As Kentucky native Billy Walters addresses in his book Gambler: Secrets From A Life At Risk, bettors need to employ a money management strategy when they start. The main reason for that is it will help people maximize their bankroll.

He and other well-known bettors recommend using a unit system when determining how much they’ll wager on an event. One unit for most bettors equals 1% of their bankroll. Depending on their confidence, they may risk multiple units on a wager or decide to bet just a half-unit. So, if you put $100 in a Kentucky sports betting account, you probably want to start betting between $1 and $3 per wager. Check with the sports betting operators on their limits.

Another factor to consider is the type of bet you’re placing. A bet on the spread, total or moneyline could be larger than an in-game bet. If you want to bet on the outcome of specific plays or drives during the game, you should reduce your stake as you are likely to burn through more of your bankroll.

Most importantly, set and adhere to responsible limits for money wagered and time spent on apps. Chances are, you will likely lose more than you win. Don’t double up on bets in hopes of recouping losses. You’re not more likely to win because you just lost.

If you ever feel overwhelmed or out of control, there are resources to help you. The Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling ( has resources and information on its website. There’s also the National Problem Gambler Hotline, 1-800-GAMBLER, that offers around-the-clock, confidential support.

Must be present in KY and 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.


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